Your Land

In life, the simplest things are often the best! And for the people we collaborate with, this is definitely the case!

Increase your bank balance (with no out of pocket expenses), pack up the mower, and have more free time by parting ways with the abandoned family backyard. We work together with you, to ensure a price you’re happy with, we then take care of the subdivision, (covering all expenses and paperwork associated with the activity) so you can enjoy a seamless and simple experience that will put money in your pocket and create more free time for you!

  1. Conduct feasibility on your property and determine your opportunity for growth
  2. Collaborate with you on value
  3. We take responsibility for everything to do with subdivision. (paperwork, legal, and costs)
  4. You are paid on settlement!

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Build On
Your Land

As the land owner, developing with State Property Partners will give you the freedom to design, plan, build and reap the rewards, without having the stress of sleepless nights!

We can complete everything from initial planning and pre-sales, through to locking the door on your brand new finished build working with, and guiding you to maximise your property’s financial possibility!!


Wouldn’t it be nice to still live in the same location, with the same fantastic neighbours, close to the kids, and have a brand new, custom built home?

With SPP, you can design, plan, subdivide & build your new palace at the same amazing address! If you would prefer to keep your money in your pocket for holidays and the other things in life that pop up, have us build in exchange for your land, that is something we can discuss too.

  1. Conduct feasibility on your property and determine opportunity for growth
  2. SPP will collaborate with you on the value of land and/or design scope of dwelling
  3. We then complete all required documentation for sub-division & construction
  4. At this time, we complete the build & subdivision, with no out of pocket costs to you (at all)!
  5. Now, that the building and settlement is complete, it’s time to celebrate as you get the keys to your brand new home.
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The most important part of us is you!

Utilising all of our resources, knowledge and experience, weighing up all the pros and cons, to plan and deliver the most beneficial outcome for everyone involved is at the forefront of what we do. Taking care of every detail from feasibility research, due diligence, and pre-sales, through to planning, permits & completion and settlement, are all parts of the journey that we know like the back of our hand. Working with State Property Partners will give you the confidence to ensure your project is completed in a clear transparent fashion so you will have a comprehensive up to date understanding at every turn, with no hidden surprises!

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